Rochester Rotary: Islam Principles and Service

Jun 11, 2013

Professor of Religion at the University of Rochester, Dr. Emil Homerin talked about "Islam: Principles and Service," during Tuesday's Rotary Club Luncheon.

The Rotary Club's theme this year is peace through service, and Dr. Homerin says both of those are principles propagated by Islam.

He says we don't often hear about that, because violence is stressed in the media due to the ongoing problems in the Middle East.

But in the Quaran, he says, it is stressed "for you who believe and do good works."  He says he was focusing on that is in his address.

Dr. Homerin focused on the key themes of the Quaran, Muslims' major beliefs, and the fact that service is a big part of Islam.

The luncheon also featured Imam Ismet of the Islamic Center of Rochester reading from the Quran.