Rochester Private Sector Jobs Decline In July

Aug 15, 2013

Credit PBS.org

The Rochester area saw a drop in private sector jobs in the latest numbers released by the New York State Labor Department. The number of private sector jobs dropped by 400, mostly because of losses in the manufacturing sector. This region was the only metro area in the state to see a loss of private sector jobs for July compared to July of last year.

State labor analyst Tammy Marino says the manufacturing losses were in a number of business.

"The losses in manufacturing were fairly broad based, and not really concentrated in any one particular segment. Currently we're looking at some losses in auto related manufacturing, defense related manufacturing as well as chemical related manufacturing.”

On a more positive note, Marino says hiring was strong in areas that included professional and technical jobs and construction. Statewide, the July unemployment rate was at 7.5 percent, the same level it was at last year at this time. The Rochester area unemployment rate will be released next week.