Rochester Natives Describe Scene in Boston

Apr 19, 2013

Some Rochester natives described the massive manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect on Friday as a scene out of a movie.

"Where ... you hear helicopters above you, swarms and swarms of FBI agents and police squads with your machine guns out," says former Town of Pittsford resident, Justin Ross, who now lives just outside of the Watertown neighborhood in Boston.

"It has the feeling of a snow day. It's understood that you can't really go anywhere or do anything...it kind of has an eerie feeling to it."

A former Brighton High School student, Steve Konar, says the environment in Boston is very unusual.

"There's nobody out; It's like Christmas morning." 

Konar says he woke up to Friday's lockdown through Facebook and cell phone text messages from his co-workers. He says many residents are showing concern for each other - asking if one another is OK.

Ross echoes Konar saying there's a sense of camaraderie since Monday's deadly bombings. Ross says he was about 150-feet away from the finish line when the bombs exploded. Ross says he helped a few runners get to safety and find loved ones.

Police shut down heavily populated portions of the Boston metro area early Friday morning after a violent night of chasing the Boston Marathon terror suspects, which left one of the men and a police officer dead.

Meghan Searl, who's also a Town of Brighton native, says she's been receiving updates on the man hunt from Harvard University. Searl says there's a blanket of ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding safety there.

"Certainly, for people who have a lot of anxiety and or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I think just being stuck in your house and unable to go out is pretty scary."

Searl says she's been amazed by the outpouring of support from people across the country.