Rochester leaders hopeful southwest neighborhood can rise above recent violence

Feb 24, 2017

Credit TWC News

Rochester City Council President Loretta Scott says the shooting this past Wednesday on Genesee Street is very disturbing, but says incdents like that are not a reflection on that entire southwest Rochester neighborhood.

Four people were injured in an apparent drive-by shooting not far from the site of the deadly shootings two years ago in front of the Boys and Girls Club.

Scott, a former Commissioner of Parks, Recreations and Human Services, says she'd like to work on more effective outreach to young people. "To draw them into the activities, that we have.  And to look more deeply to see if there is something about what it is we're offering is not what it is they want to be involved in," she told WXXI News.

Scott says if this is the case, the city will continue to work to develop that.

Executive Director of the Southwest Area Neighborhood Association, or SWAN, JaMone Alexander, says many people are using the shootings as a motivation for change.               

"We've got to reach out, we've got to work harder.  Individuals from Pathways to Peace, we're brainstorming around different ideas about, what do we need to do?"

Alexander says he envisions more workshops featuring community leaders to support area youth.

“Self- esteem, critical thinking, decision-making.  All the things that I feel like that when that time comes and you have to make that decision, the workshop can provide that skill set so you can make a positive decision, or you can say this is not for me."

Alexander says he'd like to see more positive events like festivals with block parties where the whole community is invited.

Both Alexander and Scott say they feel positive about the future of Southwest Rochester.