Rochester: A Climate Smart Community

Apr 17, 2014

The Sierra Club encourages one community at a time to make changes to prevent the advance of climate change.

Peter Debes is the chair of the Rochester regional group of the Sierra Club. He says New York State is taking a proactive approach to the global problem.

“I think doing anything is better than doing nothing. And I think that there is always, too, a very positive effect in communities that take the lead on this. And New York State has done this by creating the office of climate change and creating a program called ‘Climate Smart Communities’ which Rochester has joined.”

Cities and towns that take the Climate Smart Communities pledge seek to reduce greenhouse gasses by making more energy efficient buildings and finding ways to reduce water usage.

On Thursday evening at 5:30  the First Unitarian Church on S. Winton Road will host an environmental fair, followed by a community climate change conversation at 7:00 p.m.