Rochester Auto Show Highlights New Technology

Feb 26, 2014

Credit rochesterautodealers.org

The Rochester Auto Show gets underway on Thursday. And it will feature quite a bit of new technology.

The 29th annual show by its very nature always has a new look, since cars and other vehicles change body styles from year to year. But it's what's under the hood that likely intrigues many of the people who come to the event at the Riverside Convention Center that runs through Sunday.

For one thing, cars have been getting more fuel efficient. President of the Rochester Auto Dealers Association, Brad McAreavey says more efficient cars are no longer a novelty.  He says most automakers have strived to improve that technology.

"The development of alternative vehicles has been going on for years, what we see now are different versions of it. We see hybrids, we see electric, we see fuel cells and you see all different variations of alternative fuel. "

One of the main attractions for show attendees this year may be the introduction of the Maserati, which has not been at the show before, but is now being sold in Rochester. McAreavey expects a good year for new car sales in the Rochester area. He's looking for about a three to five percent increase, which is less than last year, which was an unusually strong year for vehicle sales in this region.