Rochester advisories for the storm

Mar 13, 2017

With a winter storm on the way, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren issued this advisory: 

• PlowTrax, the City’s snow plow tracker application, will be up and running, so residents can check our plowing progress in real time. Plows will be able to do their job faster if residents give them plenty of space to do their jobs. For more: http://www.cityofrochester.gov/plowtrax/

• Strictly observe alternate side parking regulations to allow our plows clear passage.

• Monitor the news for travel advisories, closures and cancellations.

• While the storm warning is in effect, it is strongly advised that residents avoid unnecessary travel. If you do need to be on the roads, please give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go, drive carefully, and be safe.

• Please keep your sidewalk clear in front of your property. While the city does provide a sidewalk plowing service during heavy snow, we rely on our residents to keep their walks clear so pedestrians can have clear passage.

• When snow has accumulated, place your refuse and recycling containers at the edge of your driveway or on a shoveled path. Do not put them on top of snow banks or in the street or sidewalk.

• RG&E is working to restore power from the windstorm. The shelter at the Gantt R-Center will remain open.

• Please keep your fire hydrants clear in the event of an emergency.

• Bring your pets inside.

• Stay safe by making sure you have enough gas, food and warm clothes and blankets in preparation for the storm. Residents should also consider having a communication plan for families and loved ones, especially the sick and elderly in order to decide on how to contact one another and what to do in case of an emergency.

• Please remember that shoveling or plowing snow from private property onto sidewalks, roads or fire hydrants is illegal.