RIT Commemorates 20 Years Since the Rwandan Genocide

Apr 7, 2014

The flame symbolizes remembrance. Tonight, RIT will commemorate 20 years after the Rwandan Genocide.
Credit RIT

  It’s been 20 years since the state-sponsored genocide in Rwanda. Tonight, several students at the Rochester Institute of Technology will discuss their experiences and commemorate the solemn occasion.

RIT Graduate Student, Juels Mupemzi-Karafira was 7 years old during the genocide that killed more than 800 thousand people. Despite his young age, he has vivid memories of a time that he finds difficult to discuss.

“It was really hard to believe what was taking place and it was really hard to see people who you loved, my beloved people, being killed,” said Mupemzi-Karafira.

He says many young people in today’s Rwanda don’t remember the 1994 Genocide, but commemorating the events can prevent future tragedies.

“Yes, I'm far from my country and I'm far from my family, but it's a good time and a great opportunity to tell the world what happened,” said Mupemzi-Karafira.

RIT’s commemoration begins this evening at 6. It ends with a candlelight vigil at 8, followed by a reception.