RG&E Recycles 30,000 Refrigerators

Jul 23, 2014

Credit Katie Kaiser / WXXI News

Rochester Gas and Electric and New York State Gas and Electric marked a milestone in Rochester Wednesday with the 30,000th refrigerator donated as part of a recycling program. Both utilities are part of the company Iberdrola.

Denise and Dan Burns of Brighton took advantage of the program by getting rid of their old refrigerator that they were not using anymore.

“I thought I would use my old refrigerator when I got rid of it and got my new one, it wasn’t the case. I had it plugged in and only used it when I had people over, “Denise Burns told us. She says “ it was going to be inconvenient to get it out of the house and they were going to take it for me.”

By recycling their refrigerator the Burns are receiving $50 for the fridge,  and it's projected they will save  up to  $150 in  energy cost each year.

To schedule a free pickup, RG&E customers can call 1.877.691.0021 or visit http://www.rge.com/energyefficiencyprograms/recycle/. Refrigerators and freezers to be recycled must be in working order and have an inside volume of between 10 and 30 cubic feet.