A reminder to be extra cautious when school buses are back on the road

Sep 4, 2017

Credit www.monroeschooltrans.com

The fall weather in Rochester is a reminder that school will soon be back in session.

That means drivers will once again share the road with school buses.

Kate Ott, Deputy Health Director for Ontario County wants to remind motorists how important it is to stop for school buses who are stopped with their lights on.

"When they see the yellow lights flashing they need to slow down and prepare to stop and when the red lights come on and that side arm stop sign comes out, motorists need to stop."

Ott said some people, when asked after passing a stopped bus, say they didn’t even see the bus; she asks drivers to keep school busses in mind even when they become commonplace once again.

She also reminds us that phones and other distractions have no place in the driver’s seat.

“Whether it’s putting on your makeup or having your breakfast on the way to work. Those are things that should be avoided particularly when school busses are on the road."

Prior to the start of the school year, it’s suggested that parents take a moment to remind children to obey the instructions of the bus driver.

"Coaching your kids to keep their voices down, to behave, to do what the bus driver tells them, to have good etiquette basically helps, you don’t want a distracted bus driver either."

She also says if kids drop something, like a coat or a lunch box while leaving the bus or crossing the street, to tell the bus driver so they know the child is still on the road.

Passing a stopped school bus when the red lights are flashing can result in a fine up to $400 and five points on your license.