RBTL Warns Patrons Against Ticket Scams

Apr 26, 2013

Credit www.rbtl.org

  The Rochester Broadway Theater League is cautioning patrons "buyer beware".   The legalization of ticket scalping in New York state several years ago has resulted in highly inflated prices for tickets purchased in the secondary market, according to RBTL Executive Vice President Linda Glosser.  " When people Google search 'Auditorium Theater tickets' they're likely hit any number of websites prior to Ticket Master, which is our official site. Sometimes they think 'here's where I go to buy tickets', and then find that the ticket we would sell for $75, someone is selling for $200 or more."

Glosser says another more infrequent, though illegal, practice is the copying of tickets that are then sold to theater goers. " It has the bar code that is scanned when it comes into the building, but that scan is only going to go through one time. So if you have someone who is really unscrupulous out there making copies of that print-at-home ticket they've copied that bar code a second time. The ticket taker goes to scan it and it won't scan because it's already in the building."  Glosser says the best recourse in that case is for the buyer to contact their credit card company to inform them of the seller's illegal practice.

RBTL says the only officially sanctioned points of sale for tickets to its shows are the Auditorium Theater box office and Ticketmaster.com