Rallies, protests continue locally in connection with recent actions by the Trump administration

Feb 3, 2017

Credit Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

Groups opposed to recent executive orders and policies of President Donald Trump continue to make their voices heard at rallies and protests in Rochester.

More than 60 protesters gathered Thursday afternoon outside the Federal Building calling for New York Senator Charles Schumer to show leadership in the fight against climate change.

Specifically, many of the demonstrators are upset about President Trump’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency. They are worried Scott Pruitt will favor oil and gas companies at the expense of the environment.

Peter Debes is Chair of the local chapter of the Sierra Club.  He says it’s important for people to let their federal representatives know how they feel.

“We want Senator Schumer to know that we expect him to stand up in every way possible for the urgency of his climate change stuff, that we can’t afford to slough it off and pretend that it’s not that serious and wait more years while the carbon dioxide builds up.”

Senate Republicans voted on Thursday to move the Pruitt nomination on to the full Senate.

On Friday, according to officials with City Hall, there will be a rally outside that building.  The rally is called “Roc stands with refugees,” and it will be held at 5pm. Church Street, between State and Fitzhugh Streets, will be closed beginning at about 4:30 p.m. on Friday and will re-open after the rally.

Surrounding streets may also be affected. A Facebook post about the event indicated at least 1,500 say they will go to the rally.