The Push for Casinos in Western New York

Oct 18, 2013

Leaders in government, business and labor got together Friday morning to urge passage of Proposal #1 on the November 5th ballot.

It would allow for the construction of four Las Vegas-style casinos in New York.

State Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle says while a casino wouldn't be built in Rochester, Monroe County would gain about 15-million dollars in revenues each year, while the city would get over 5-million on a yearly basis from the casinos.

He said over ten thousand construction jobs would be created, and give the state's number two industry, tourism, a huge lift.

Meanwhile, other groups have argued against the plan, saying casinos economically depress surrounding areas and lead to more problem gamblers.

A lawsuit was filed earlier this week by an attorney who argued the proposition was reworded to illegally advocate for a "yes" vote.

A judge dismissed the suit, and the plaintiff decided not to appeal.