President's Education Plan: "Devil's in the Details"

Aug 23, 2013

Area school administrators are waiting for more information from President Obama's plan to cut college costs.

Carol Long, Provost and vice president for academic affairs at SUNY Geneseo, says she's delighted the President is focusing on higher education.

And while the President conceptually has some very interesting suggestions to control college costs, she say we don't know all the details yet.

Long says when it comes to the Presidents proposal for a new ratings system that would judge institutions on their tuition costs, SUNY Geneseo would fare well under such a system.

She adds making a college education affordable to a broad range of people is a great goal, and one that the

State University of New York is deeply engaged in already

The President is wrapping up his bus tour, outlining his ideas to make sweeping changes to the federal student aid program.