Possible Deal To Resolve Differences Over Kodak Cleanup Plan

Jul 26, 2013

Credit Eastman Business Park

There may be a deal in the works to resolve differences among the agencies involved in a cleanup fund for the Eastman Business Park.

According to Senator Chuck Schumer's office, there is a framework now for resolving differences that cropped up recently over the plan by Kodak to set aside $49 million  in a fund that could be used for any future cleanup needed at the Eastman Business Park, formerly known as Kodak Park.

Under that original plan, Kodak would no longer be liable for environmental damage and contamination at the site caused by past operations. Instead, the liability would be assumed by the cleanup fund.  But the federal Environmental Protection Agency  has objected to the plan, saying it is  not confident that $49 million  will be sufficient.

Now, the EPA, Kodak and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation are working on a proposal that would have the state cover costs that might be needed for cleanup beyond the $49 million.

Schumer says the various parties are also looking at another part to that plan that would shift the costs back to Kodak if the expenses rose significantly above the $49 million.  A federal bankruptcy court is scheduled to hold a hearing on the environmental plan on Tuesday.