Polls Show Democratic Surge in 2 State Senate Races

Nov 2, 2012

Polls on three key State Senate races give an edge to the Democrats in their quest to take over control of the State Senate, but no one is predicting which party will have the majority after Tuesday’s elections.

The Siena College polls find the Democratic candidate is favored in the Rochester area Senate seat held by Jim Alesi, who is retiring. Democrat Ted O’Brien has surged ahead 11 points over Republican Assemblyman Sean Hanna to 50 to 39%.  In a new district drawn by GOP  Senate leaders to favor Republicans, the Democratic candidate, Cecilia Tkaczyk  just three points behind GOP Assemblyman George Amedore at 47 to 44%.   Siena’s Steve Greenberg is not predicting which party will take over the Senate, he says there are too many factors, including  storm devastation downstate that will disrupt voting in many districts.

“I don’t think anybody knows at this point how any of these elections that are being held downstate are going to be effected,” said Greenberg.

A third poll measured the Saratoga-Capital Region Senate district , where Senator Roy McDonald lost a GOP primary over his yes vote on gay marriage. In that race, Republican primary winner Kathy Marchione leads. But McDonald, who is no longer campaigning but still on the Independence Party line, is second.  The Democratic candidate, Robin Andrews, is trailing in third place.