Poll: Religiosity of Rochester

Apr 1, 2013

A new Gallup Poll suggests Rochester is one of the least religious cities in the country, but a spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Rochester questions the methodology used in the survey.
The poll found 29.2 percent of Rochesterians surveyed were highly religious -- they say it's an important part of their life an attend services regularly.
Compare that with Provo, Utah, where 77 percent of residents are classified as highly religious.
Doug Mandelaro, spokesman for the diocese and a former religion reporter, says it's his experience that Rochester is very spiritual and religious.
The Gallup Poll found that 43 percenet of Rochester residents are non-religious.  
They said religion was not an important part of their life and they seldom or never attend services.
Mandelaro says he wonders if you can measure someone's spirituality or "religion" simply by their church attendance.