Plans For Expansion At The RMSC

Jul 4, 2014

The Rochester Museum and Science Center may have a different look when you pass by the East Ave buildings in a few years.

Officials are planning what they call a 'gateway building' which would involve putting in a structure that would link the museum and the Strasenburgh Planetarium.

RMSC President Kate Bennett says this has been a dream for the museum for quite some time, and she says visitors they've talked to about this like the idea.

The proposal is to build a four thousand square foot glass enclosed pavilion linking the addition that is on the back of the museum with the planetarium.

Bennett says this structure could help increase attendance at both facilities.

"A quarter of our audience right now, goes to both, and we think this will increase how many people make the choice to do both. And we do have great shows at the Strasenburgh and we're looking forward to doing even more fun things there."

The building is in City Councilwoman Elaine Spaull’s district. She likes the idea of the expansion, feeling that it will help highlight the Strasenburgh for people not familiar with it.

"The planetarium, which is such a treasure, scientific treasure and cultural treasure, probably deserves a little attention, and this will give that attention to the planetarium and that whole area."

Bennett says the estimated $7 million cost of the project would be paid for with the help of private donations as well as applying for a variety of grants.  There is no specific start date for construction yet. The building design has to be approved by the city's preservation board.