Paley Sculptures Installed This Weekend In NYC

Jun 15, 2013


A massive undertaking involving a Rochester artist culminates this weekend in New York City with the installation of more than a dozen sculptures.  

It has been about two and a half years in the making, and this weekend is when the result of those efforts will be on display in one of the biggest cities in the world.  

Rochester artist Albert Paley has created 13 metal sculptures, towering over 20 feet tall, which will be part of a public art project on Park Avenue in New York City.

They are being installed along the median on that busy thoroughfare, and Paley says this project is quite different from most of his other sculptures.  

"It’s a great opportunity, because usually with the public sculptures that I do, it's just one sculpture that's presented to a community, here it offered me the opportunity to offer a body of work."

The installation had to be put up at night because of all of the logistics involved in putting up the huge sculptures. The work started late Friday night and continued into Saturday morning. 11 of the 13 sculptures were installed by Saturday morning. The remaining two will be placed overnight Saturday into Sunday morning.

You can check out more pictures and video from the installation process here.

The whole process is being documented on the web by WXXI-TV.  The final episode in that series will be posted next Thursday, June 20th.

You can view all of the web episodes about the Paley on Park Avenue Project right here: http://interactive.wxxi.org/paleynyc