WXXI Local Stories
3:12 pm
Tue July 5, 2011

Organic Dairy Farmers Taste Success

Rochester, NY – According to the Department of Agriculture, New York ranks among the top 10 states in the nation for its number of organic farms.

More than 6,000 dairy farms produce 12 billion pounds of milk a year. Organic farming has been one of the fastest growing areas of agriculture for more than a decade. During the same time period conventional dairy farmers have struggled as milk prices drop and farm expenses rise. Feed prices alone are at an all-time high.

According to New York State's Department of Agriculture, there are 377 organic dairy farms -- ranking second to Wisconsin for the number of organic farms in the nation. Right now, 49 farmers in New York are in the process of transitioning from conventional to organic.

WXXI's LeShea Agnew reports organic farmers are finding success at a time when many conventional farmers are just trying to stay in business.