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3:50 pm
Fri January 15, 2010

Opponents Speak Out Against Plan for Mayoral Control of Rochester City Schools

Rochester, NY – A newly-formed community group is speaking out against Mayor Duffy's plan to takeover city schools.

About 20 people from the Community Education Task Force took to the steps of city hall Friday morning to offer a "vote of no confidence." Myra Brown says Duffy has an inadequate background for running city schools. She opposes giving the mayor four years "to experiment with students and children who already are in a vulnerable state."

The takeover plan would have to be approved by the state legislature and the governor. It would allow for mayoral control of schools for four years. After that, it would be reconsidered by state lawmakers.

Brown says the mayor, instead, should focus on issues like unemployment, poverty and crime.

She says there are studies disputing claims that the mayoral takeover of schools has been successful in other cities.

Opponents argue that a mayoral takeover would deprive residents of the right to vote for their school board representatives.