Officials Say Eastman Business Park is Gaining Momentum

Jun 28, 2013

State and local officials joined by business leaders at the Eastman Business Park for a community update.
Credit WXXI News

Lieutenant Bob Duffy says the contract between the New York and Kodak answers many questions about the future of the Eastman Business Park.

Duffy joined local officials and business leaders on Friday at the business park to update the community on the three-pronged deal.

"This park is going to be a huge asset in this area, and it was the number one priority of this region,” Duffy says. “The agreement that has been put in place is going to ensure that the park is not only viable, but growing for years and years to come."

Under the deal, Kodak creates a $49 million trust fund to cover all environmental liabilities for current and future tenants. Also, Illinois business Recycling Energy Development will take over the park’s utility system.

The CEO of LiDestri, John LiDestri, says it would be unconscionable if the business park went down the drain.

"I would have been looking [elsewhere] instead of bringing jobs here. I was going to get the hell out of New York State. This is how big of a deal this was in my mind."

The Empire State Development awarded the Illinois Recycling Energy company with a $7.1 million on Thursday to operate the business park's utilities. Officials say the package is made up of loans and grants.