NYS Comptroller Says He Can Work With Spitzer, If He Has To

Jul 22, 2013

The State’s Comptroller says he thinks he can work with Eliot Spitzer should the former governor win the post of New York City Comptroller, even though Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is supporting Spitzer’s opponent in the contest.

DiNapoli, who was interviewed for public radio and the New York State Public TV show New York Now,  says his endorsement of former Assemblyman and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer still “stands”.

“I can work with just about anybody,” DiNapoli said.

Though he qualified that assessment, saying he’ll have to see “how that plays out”.

Spitzer, when he was Governor, vehemently opposed DiNapoli’s ascension to State Comptroller. DiNapoli was chosen by the legislature in 2007 to replace Alan Hevesi, who resigned in disgrace.  DiNapoli says Spitzer’s charges at the time that DiNapoli was not qualified for the job were “unfair”. He says since then, he’s won election to the Comptroller’s post, and the voters have proven Spitzer wrong.