Northeast Temperature Records Fell In 2012

Jan 3, 2013

2012 was the warmest year in much of central and upstate New York in more than 80 years.

Many cities across the Northeast experiencing warmer than average years.

Temperature data on 35 major cities across the Northeast was compiled by Cornell University and the Northeast Regional Climate Center.

2012 ended up being the warmest year on record for 23 cities in the index.

Buffalo and Binghamton both broke their previous records set back in 1998.

Syracuse, for example, beat its old record for the warmest year pretty handily: 2012 was 1.1 degrees warmer than back in 1931.  

That may come as no surprise to residents who dealt with multiple 90-plus degree days last summer.

Climatologist Samantha Borisoff says lots of decades-old records are falling.

"A lot of the warmest years that we’ve had recently have been recent. You know, those records from the 1920’s and the 1930’s, there’s not really a lot of those left anymore."

She says most of the records have been re-set in the past few years.

Data on individual states and temperatures from across the country for 2012 will come out next week.