Norovirus, flu hit area college campuses

Feb 17, 2017

Area universities are dealing with some illnesses.  At the University of Rochester, the health service says that in the last 10 days  they have become aware of about 16 students, mainly on the River Campus, who have had sudden onset of symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

The suspicion is that it may be caused by norovirus, which is an illness the U of R had an outbreak of in April of last year. But the health service says the number of cases doesn’t indicate the size of the outbreak a year ago, which involved more than 140 suspected cases. They do say that the greater Rochester community also has seen norovirus-like illness in higher than normal numbers.

Officials say the best defense for the campus community is to wash hands frequently and to sanitize their living and work spaces.

And at the College at Brockport, officials say about 375 students there have shown symptoms of the flu over the last few weeks.