"No bread, no water" Florida residents from Rochester prep for Irma

Sep 6, 2017

Credit Marc Serota/Getty Images

As Hurricane Irma makes its way towards Puerto Rico, residents in its path are boarding up windows and stocking up on supplies.

Expected to make its way through Florida this weekend, people are collecting canned goods and wood, many of which Josh Pies says are already hard to come by.

"Just to give you a picture down here, there's no bread, no water, no propane. Gasoline is in short supply, all of the plywood is rationed and it will be gone probably today."

When WXXI News spoke to Pies he was unloading his ration of lumber to board up his condo, which he says is mostly glass on the first floor.

Pies moved to Orlando from Rochester about 2 years ago.

He said he and his family experienced Hurricane Matthew, which was considerably smaller than what experts predict Irma to be, with winds expected over 100 miles per hour.

"We've never seen sustained over 100, and that’s a little nerve-wracking. Because we could easily be in for something we don't comprehend."

Pies said his two family cars are filled with gas, which is running out fast.

"The gas tanks on both vehicles full, which is not a complete miracle right now but it will be a good thing come the next day or two because all the evacuees coming up from South Florida will be taking our gas in Central Florida."

Pies says he’s also downloaded an app he's heard people in Houston are using, that turns your phone into a walkie talkie if the cell lines go down.