Newest Lottery Millionaire: "You Never Think You're Going to Win"

Sep 17, 2013

Michelle Dudley of Greece doesn't usually buy a Lottery ticket, but she did on August 7th, buying a Powerball ticket at the Ridgemont Plaza Wegmans.

Then she and her husband Chris went on a camping trip to celebrate their anniversary, unaware they had a million dollar winner sitting on the kitchen counter.

After they got back, they checked the numbers on the Lottery's website, and, after checking it several times, discovered they were winners.

The Dudley's say they'll take a lump sum of $661,800 after the required withholdings.

Michelle Dudley says one of the first things she'll do is take her mom on a shopping spree, and let her splurge.

While the Lottery is making the Dudley's the 97th millionaire this year, it's also providing millions to education.
It has contributed over 161-million dollars in Lottery Aid to Education in school districts throughout Monroe County this fiscal year.

Here's video of the check presentation at Wegmans: