New York State Continues Push To Increase Breastfeeding Rates

Nov 21, 2016

The New York State Department of Health continues to push for breastfeeding initiatives. On Monday, the department announced it will allocate more than $7 million toward promoting breast feeding.  

The $7.2 million grant will be split between six health centers that serve communities with higher than average rates of poverty and obesity, which are associated with lower rates of exclusive breastfeeding, according to the state health department. The University of Rochester is one of the six centers that will receive part of the grant money.

The Department of Health announced that the funding will create or expand community-based breastfeeding coalitions, and help increase the number of centers that adhere to breastfeeding friendly practice. The grants will also increase accommodations for breastfeeding employees and baby cafes – which are places where women receive expert and social support.

Just last month the Department of Health also announced new regulations at all 126 birthing hospitals – that involve encouraging skin-to-skin contact, discouraging early pacifier use and not giving out formula samples.