New Veterans Monument at MCC

Nov 11, 2013

Dedication ceremonies were held Monday to honor the thousands of veterans who have studied, taught or worked at Monroe Community College since it opened its doors in 1961.

Two years ago, members of the school's Veterans Club came up with an idea to pay tribute to those who have served, or are serving their country.

Now a new granite monument serves as a dedication to veterans.

The inscription reads:

“In honor of all American veterans. Since 1961 local veterans have sought higher education at Monroe Community College. As both civilians and military personnel they have made immeasurable contributions to our society. This monument stands as a tribute to these 'Scholar Warriors.' Dedicated November 11, 2013 Monroe Community College Veterans Club.”

MCC President Dr. Anne Kress says community colleges got their start in response to returning veterans from World War II.

They were seeking to use their new G.I. benefits in higher education, but many educational institutions didn't have room for them.

She says it's important schools like MCC help veterans find career pathways as they come back home.