New Thyroid Center at Unity Health System

Oct 23, 2013

Diagnosing a thyroid nodule normally takes several weeks to complete. 

And for many patients, those are anxious times. 

But the new Thyroid Center at Unity Health can make that diagnosis in a matter of hours.

The center is now open at the Unity campus, and Dr. K.K. Ramanjani, division chief of endocrinology at Unity Health System, says a patient can be seen for the nodule in the morning, have a biopsy performed, and get results from the pathologist the same afternoon.

He says that can lessen the anxiety usually associated with waiting several weeks for a diagnosis.

Dr. Ramanjani says it also unifies several departments interested in thyroid nodules, a very common issue for patients.

He adds thryoid cancer is the fastest growing cancer in this country.

The new center is a result of a partnership between Unity Diabetes and Endocrinolgy Services, ACM Medical Laboratory and Borg & Ide Imaging.

Ramanjani adds the partners work together to speed up the process from diagnosis to a treatment plan.