New Report Out On Oil Train Inspections

Credit mprnews.org

(AP) There's a new report out on the inspections of crude oil train cars that have been coming through New York State with increasing frequency.

Authorities say additional inspections of crude oil tank cars and railroad tracks in New York have found 72 minor defects and one critical defect from a split rail. 

The report from the Cuomo administration details federal and state inspections of 766 tank cars and 167 miles of track. 

They included hub rail yards in Buffalo and Albany and the CSX Corp. mainline track between Buffalo and Syracuse, where a split rail required lowering the speed limit to 30 mph until its replacement. 

The program began in February after several severe accidents across the U.S. and Canada. 

Altogether, inspectors have examined wheels, brakes and valves on 6,300 rail cars as well as switches and rails along 2,200 miles of track, finding 658 defects plus nine violations in handling hazardous materials.