New marquee at the Blue Cross Arena

Dec 28, 2016

New marquee in front of the Blue Cross Arena
Credit Alex Crichton

City officials today unveiled a brand new marquee at the Blue Cross Arena downtown.

The electronic billboard will let people know what attractions are happening at the venue on Exchange Street.

Mayor Lovely Warren says this is just the beginning, as Governor Cuomo has made a $10.5 million dollar commitment to improve the fan experience at the arena.

"The new Blue Cross Arena will be modern, and innovative just like this marquee. The marquee measures 12 by 8 feet, with three displays able to display some of the highest resolution outdoor images available," she said.


City officials say the new marquee costs around $425 thousand dollars, and is paid for through the capital budget, and other monies allocated for the arena.

Mayor Warren says the marquee is capable of playing any number of images, video clips and live streams.

She says other improvements, such as improved bathrooms, concessions, wi-fi access, and other upgrades are designed to improve the fan experience at the Arena.

Warren says the city hopes to start upgrading the arena this summer with money from the state.

Here’s the unveiling of the new marquee: