New Leadership at Monroe Community Hospital

Jun 28, 2013

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks announced there is new leadership at Monroe Community Hospital, the county's nursing home.

Gene Larrabee, who has recently served as Executive Director of the Albany County Department of Residential Health Care Facilities in Albany, and has 30 years of experience in long-term care administration, has been appointed Executive Director.

Colleen Rose, recently Director of Strategic Initiatives at Fairport Baptist Home, is the new Deputy Director.

Brooks says they are two highly qualified leaders ready and willing to carry on the hospital's committment to excellence in care.

The appointments come seven weeks after the state found the former executive director at the Hospital mistreated a patient, and was subsequently fired.

Democratic Minority Leader Carrie Andrews says this is a step in the right direction at MCH.
And she hopes this closes a sad chapter in the history of Monroe Community Hospital, and that the new leadership will work closely with the reconstituted MCH oversight board.
Larrabee and Rose will assume their new positions in July, with Larrabee's appointment subject to approval from the Monroe County Legislature.

After their introductions, Larrabee and Brooks spent some time meeting residents at MCH.