Need Help Adjusting to College Life? There's an App For That

Nov 11, 2013

Credit www.telegraph.uk.com

Students often face a variety of challenges when adjusting to college life, including academic and emotional issues.

The University of Rochester has launched a new program to link students seeking help with the appropriate office on campus that can offer assistance.

It's a smartphone or desktop app called the Care Resource Center.  Care's main coordinator, Erin Halligan, says all the student has to do is click on the subject listing that describes their situation. “It brings them to the primary office on campus that can help with their concern. It gives them a Google map where they can GPS their location from their smartphone to the office.  It gives them a Google map of the office location with a picture, and it allows them to contact the office directly from the app.” 

Halligan says the majority of student concerns involve academic struggles or mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or eating disorders.

She says parents can also download the app to familiarize themselves with the various services available on campus.