Move To Dismiss Charges Against Dawn Nguyen

Jul 3, 2013

Credit Jim Day / WXXI News

The lawyer for a woman accused of providing guns to a man that he later used in the West Webster shootings last December is trying to get those charges dismissed.

Matt Parrinello has asked a federal  judge to dismiss the charges against Dawn Nguyen. She is accused of buying two guns back in 2010 that she did not know eventually would be used by her neighbor, William Spengler, in the Christmas Eve ambush last year  in Webster.

Spengler killed two West Webster firefighters and then killed himself.  Nguyen faces charges of making a false statement in connection with a firearm purchase, providing guns to a felon and possessing guns while illegally using marijuana.

Her lawyer says that the charges  don’t specify when she allegedly gave Spengler the guns or used marijuana and he wants those counts dismissed. Parrinello is also challenging the way that search warrants were carried out regarding some of Nguyen’s text messages.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bret Puscheck says his office is confident in its case and is ready to argue the motions in federal court later this month.