More Details On Pittsford Suspect & Confrontation With Deputy

Jan 22, 2014

Monroe County Deputies have released more information about an incident in Pittsford which involved the shooting of  a suspect on Monroe Avenue across from Pittsford Plaza late Wednesday afternoon.

Deputies initially responded to a call at the Wegmans at about 3:30 for a report of a shoplifter. Reportedly that suspect, 22 year old Vincenzo Zagari of Ogden, drove away from Wegmans in a car that was later determined to have been stolen from Ogden.

Authorities say that  Zagari crashed his car  into another vehicle in the Pittsford Plaza Parking lot, and they say he also tried to carjack a female driver at gun point.

Deputies say he fled the scene, running across Monroe Avenue. At that time, a deputy found Zagari near the M&T bank. He reportedly brandished a weapon and the female deputy shot him in the chest. He was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The deputy was not injured. The Sheriff's Department has not yet said what kind of weapon Zagari had.

Charges pending against Zagari include larceny from Wegmans, possession of a stolen car, attempted aggravated assault against a police officer, resisting arrest and menacing.

Deputies say Zagari  had previously been arrested in June of 2012 for the shooting of Angel Figueroa in Wheatland. He was charged with assault in that case. (the booking photo here is from that arrest). Authorities say Zagari is currently on probation.

Investigators are now working with other police agencies looking into Zagari’s connection to other crimes in the area. They say they are now in the processing of examining the contents of the stolen car and bag that were in Zagari's possession.