Monroe County Under "Significant Fiscal Stress"

Jun 18, 2013

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has released the findings of his new "Fiscal Stress Monitoring System," and according to the report, Monroe County is the most fiscally stressed local government in New York.

The report evaluates 23 financial and environmental indicators to create an overall fiscal condition score.
DiNapoli says Monroe County's major challenges include its fund balance, operating deficit, cash position and short-term debt.

He says the report does not include financial or environmental data from the city of Rochester, because its fiscal year doesn't end on December 31st.

DiNapoli says says the goal of the Fiscal Stress Monitoring System is to provide taxpayers, local officials, and state policy makers with an objective analysis to help them understand the specific economic and budgetary challenges facing our communities.

Reacting to the report, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks argues not all governments have been reviewed, so it's not accurate to say Monroe County is the most fiscally stressed local government in the state.

But she say the report confirms what she's been saying for years: state mandates are threatening the financial stability of all local governments.

She says if you want to fix the counties, start by fixing the mandates.