MCC Board Chooses Kodak Over Sibley Building

Dec 10, 2011

Monroe Community College's Board of Trustees recommends the college's new downtown campus occupy space near Kodak Headquarters on State Street instead of the Sibley Building on Main Street.

The board announced its recommendation after a meeting Saturday. The downtown campus will occupy more than 500,000 square feet of Kodak owned building just south of the iconic Kodak tower. MCC will also gain use of 400 parking spaces in the Kodak lot on State Street.

Rochester Mayor Tom Richards had urged the board to choose the Main Street site. MCC currently maintains a downtown presence in the historic Sibley building. Enrollment in the current city location is around 3,00 students, but MCC expects that number to increase.

The project at the Kodak site is expected to cost more than $70 million with half the money coming from the state and half coming from Monroe County.

The recommendation now goes to the Monroe County Legislature for final approval of the financing deal necessary to begin construction. Approval is not guaranteed as Democrat legislators supported Mayor Richards' recommendation of the Sibley Building site. Republicans hold a majority in the legislature, but need at least two Democrats to vote yes according to the rules for such financial deals.