MC GOP Legislators Vote "No" to Proposed Gun Ban On County Property

Feb 26, 2013

A proposed bill to prohibit gun owners from carrying their weapons into the County Office Building, or any other county building was voted down during a committee meeting Monday night.

Minority Leader of the Monroe County Legislature Carrie Andrews says she's disappointed by the move.

"There wasn't a single reason presented in terms of why somebody would need to carry a gun or weapon into the county office building to do their business. Prohibiting such weapons would have been a reasonable step."

Republican Majority Leader Dan Quatro says he voted against the gun measure because he says the Democrats argument wasn't strong enough.

"We don't have any, or have had no, issue with people lawfully carrying their pistols in Monroe County. I think if the measure passed last night, there was going to be no way that the measure was going to be enforced. It wasn't like we were going to put metal detectors and court deputies in every county office building. So people would have still been on the honor system."

Andrews says Democrats will continue to seek solutions to ensure the safety of the public and county employees. She introduced the bill two weeks ago.

Democrats still have an opportunity to call for a vote in the full legislature on the proposed gun ban on March 12th.