MC Dems Propose Banning Guns in County Bldgs

Feb 13, 2013

Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature introduced legislation on Monday banning guns in the County Office Building or any other county-owned or leased properties.

The Democratic Minority Leader, Carrie Andrews, says other local government buildings have policies in place prohibiting the public from bringing guns into their establishments - such as the Hall of Justice, Federal Building and schools.

"Currently, there's no law that restricts members of the public from carrying weapons for which they have permits into county government buildings," says Andrews. "Today we're seeking to change that."

In 1991, the County Legislature adopted a law prohibiting certain deadly weapons into its buildings and properties. In that provision, police and peace officers as well as concealed permit holders where exempt. Andrews, among other Democratic county legislators, want to extend that ban to gun owners. Ken Mathison, of Shooters Committee on Political Education or SCOPE, says the county legislature doesn't the authority to regulate hand guns in the state of New York.

"We are law abiding citizens. We have no intent what so ever to hurt anybody. and we're just exercising our rights. Period."

Andrews says the proposed gun ban was preempted after she learned that gun permit holders we allowed to bring weapons into county parks and other county buildings last year. She says spoken with the Republican Majority Leader, and is hoping for bi-partisan support.

Next, the bill goes to committee with a final vote at the April 9th Legislative meeting.