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6:35 pm
Wed June 23, 2010

Mayoral Control Bill Moving Forward

Albany, NY – Proposed mayoral control legislation has moved out of the state Assembly's Committee on Education.

That follows a public hearing held by the committee last Friday in Rochester, during which more than 50 people testified. Some citizens charged that the hearing's time - during a work day - was inconvenient, and did not offer a sufficient forum to express concerns.

The measure is now being considered by the Assembly Ways and Means Committee. It's being backed by Rochester area assembly Democrats David Gantt and and Joe Morelle, as well as Mayor Robert Duffy.

Members of the school board, including Van White and Malik Evans have strongly opposed the measure, which would make the city schools a department of Rochester's city government.

White has threatened to sue to block the measure, under the federal Voting Rights Act, if the governor signs mayoral control into law.