Mayor Warren Hospitalized With The Flu

Apr 17, 2014

Credit cityofrochester.gov

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren had to be hospitalized Wednesday night due to symptoms related to the flu. That according to a statement released by City Hall on Thursday morning.

A spokesperson says she was taken to Strong Hospital by ambulance, but is doing ok now. The 36 year old Warren was expected to be released from the hospital on Thursday and then spend the Easter Weekend with her family. But she was still in the hospital early Friday morning, listed in satisfactory condition. Warren said she expected to leave the hospital Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Infectious disease specialist, Ann Falsey, of Rochester General Hospital says although winter is technically over, the flu season is not.

The flu season peek in January and February, and mad a comeback in mid-March, according to Falsey.

"What we had predominately in the flu season was H1N, influenza A. Now, we are starting to see some flu B, which we hadn't seen much at all. And we're still seeing H1N1. And H3, which is another flu A that is starting to come in."

To stay healthy and clear of the seasonal flu, Falsey says take the standard precautions of staying away from people with the flu and frequently washing your hands.