Mayor; RPD Chief Announce Reorganization Plans

Apr 11, 2014

Credit cityofrochester.gov

Rochester Police announced a plan Friday to reorganize into a neighborhood policing model that breaks the city into five  sections.

Mayor Lovely Warren cited a study December study that showed many city residents’ relationship with police is strained.

Starting early 2015, police officers will focus their efforts on an assigned area of the city.

“People that have more positive interactions with the police department, they feel good about their police department. If our police officers have a smaller beat that they are patrolling and are able to build community relationships, they will build that trust.”

Police Chief Michael Ciminelli says officers are already being trained for the new system.

The city will roll out the change in phases. They’ve already identified the five sections, but will follow up by determining how to best deploy personnel to those areas.

Police will continue to be based at the three stations already in use.  According to city officials, the new plan will not incur costs for new infrastructure. Police will still be based out of the same three  stations from where they already work.