Mayor Richards Working to Court Windstream

Rochester, NY – Mayor Tom Richards says he's still trying to touch base with PAETEC's soon-to-be new owner to find out what the acquisition means for downtown Rochester.

Richards says he's been playing phone tag with Windstream's management team. The Arkansas-based phone and broadband company announced early this week it is buying PAETEC.

And now Richards says he's working on a plan to make Rochester an "attractive" spot for Windstream to do business.

The mayor says there's a lot of public misconceptions about the deal since PAETEC was planning on moving its world headquarters to the Midtown Plaza site, "PAETEC didn't get any money and PAETEC by the way put a fair amount of time and money into it - I mean they're at least a couple million dollars out on this project now. It's not like we gave them money and they're gonna take it. So there is a little misconception about that."

Richards says all city, state and federal funds put into the Midtown Rising project are based on preparing the site for development and independent of PAETEC moving there.