The Mayor Asks For Your Vote

Dec 2, 2013

Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards
Credit Randy Gorbman / WXXI News

If you live in Rochester, your vote is needed again. This time, it's to decide the "Voice of the Citizen" budgeting for public safety.

After weeks of public meetings, people who live in Rochester can vote on which projects will be funded through next year's public safety budget.

Mayor Thomas Richards has allocated $50,000 to each quadrant for projects created and developed by the people who live there. Some enhance communications and support for neighborhood groups. Others are aimed at reducing crime, helping at-risk youth, unclogging traffic and lighting streets.

Residents can vote once - for the quadrant where they live. Voting is in person at various locations listed below, or online through the city website. That site also lists where residents can vote in person.

Voting begins today, December 2, and ends at 5 pm on December 16.

Projects from each quadrant with the most votes will proceed to the implementation phase, which is scheduled to begin in January.

Voting Specifics

Voting locations include City branch libraries, the Central Library, City Hall, Neighborhood Service Centers, the Recreation Administration building at 400 Dewey Ave. and larger City Recreation and Community Centers. Residents may also vote online at the City of Rochester website.

Below is the list of voting locations provided by the City of Rochester:

All ballots:

o       City Hall, 30 Church St.

o       Central Library, 115 South Ave.

o       Recreation Administration Building, 400 Dewey Ave.

Northwest quadrant:

o       Charlotte Branch Library, 3557 Lake Ave.

o       Maplewood Branch Library, 1111 Dewey Ave.

o       Lyell Branch Library, 956 Lyell Ave.

o       Edgerton Community Center, 41 Backus St.

o       Campbell St. Community Center, 524 Campbell St.

o       Northwest Neighborhood Service Center, 71 Parkway

Southwest quadrant:

o       Arnett Branch Library, 310 Arnett Blvd.

o       Phillis Wheatley Branch Library, 33 Dr. Samuel McCree Way

o       Adams St. Community Center, 85 Adams St.

o       Flint St. Community Center, 271 Flint St.

o       Southwest Neighborhood Service Center, 923 Genesee St.

Northeast quadrant:

o       Lincoln Branch Library, 851 Joseph Ave.

o       Ave. D Community Center, 200 Avenue D

o       Carter St. Community Center, 500 Carter St.

o       Marketview Lodge Recreation site, 136 First St.

o       Northeast Neighborhood Service Center, 500 Norton St.

Southeast quadrant:

o       Winton Branch Library, 611 Winton Rd.

o       Highland Branch Library, 971 South Ave.

o       Monroe Branch Library, 809 Monroe Ave.

o       South Ave. Community Center, 999 South Ave.

o       Sully Branch Library, 939 Bay St.

o       Southeast Neighborhood Service Center, 320 N. Goodman St., Suite 209