Macy's Closing Store In Irondequoit

Jan 8, 2014

Macy's is  closing its store at the Medley Centre mall  in Irondequoit.

The retail chain announced on Wednesday that it is closing five stores nationwide including the one in Irondequoit as part of an effort to improve the company's efficiency.

The company says it has significantly increased sales and profitability over the past four years, but it is also cutting stores that no longer meet performance standards or where the lease was not renewed. 

The store in Medley opened in 1990. The company says it had 96 employees. A notice on the state labor department website says it has been notified of 82 layoffs.

This closing leaves Sears as the sole tenant left at that mall which has been mostly empty for years.

Macy's will run a clearance sale at the Medley Centre store that begins on Monday and runs for about 10 weeks.