Lovely Warren Says Rochester Will Turn 'Promises Into Progress'

Jan 4, 2014

New Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren told the hundreds who packed her inaugural ceremony at the Auditorium Theatre on Saturday that the city made history...not only because she is the city's first female mayor, but because Rochester has elected a mayor who wakes up every day thinking "about our future and how we can make it bright as it can be."

Warren said as she gave the speech, she was making promises to her young daughter Taylor, and whoever might view her speech someday, and Warren says the city's future will depend on people in the community to work together.

Warren talked a lot about improving schools, and giving parents access to better educational alternatives. She also talked of the need to improve the nightlife in Downtown Rochester, and in comments to reporters after the speech again pushed for the idea to have some sort of performing arts theater downtown.

Warren said she wants today's children to grow up seeing Rochester as a city where they can raise their own families. In comments after the speech, Warren said that she would be looking at the possibility of expanding the number of  police operations to four quadrants, as opposed to the East/West and downtown substation that exist now.

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