Local Swimmers Raise Money for Anti-Violence Programs

Oct 9, 2013

Credit www.orangectlive.com

Swimmers in Rochester are taking part in a global event today to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. 

Annie Lane, organizer of  Swimmin' for Women USA said, “The concept is for everyone to be swimming  around the world in solidarity on four dates a year. Each of these dates is significant to the cause of ending violence against women and girls.” 

Today is the first anniversary of the shooting of Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, who was gunned down on her way home from school by the Taliban.  

Lane says money raised from today's event will fund violence prevention education provided locally by Alternatives for Battered Women and Rape Crisis Services.  Individuals are taking part in the event, as well as swim teams from Mercy High School and Thomas Schroeder High School in Webster. 

Lane is based in Rochester but hopes the event becomes more widespread throughout the country in coming years.