Local Supporters Rally for Women's Equality Act

May 9, 2014

Credit ppaction.org

A rally is scheduled for this afternoon outside the Greece office of State Senator Joe Robach.

Supporters of the Women's Equality Act are calling on state lawmakers to vote on the package of ten bills that address sexual harassment, human trafficking, workplace and wage discrimination, human trafficking, domestic violence and reproductive rights. 

Robach and others in the Senate have opposed the abortion provision.  Katherine Smith, director of advocacy for  the Rochester chapter of the League of Women Voters, says today's rally is about calling attention to the fact that the legislation is still pending. "I think in some ways people think because it's the governor's bill and the Assembly passed it and the Senate took action on nine of the ten provisions, that maybe this happened. We just want to make sure that people understand we do not have this bill passed."

Supporters of the Women's Equality Act say they won't settle for anything less than a vote on all ten components of the legislation.

The measures stalled in the Senate last year after leaders refused to call a vote on the abortion bill.