Local Residents Brave Bitter Cold Weather

Jan 2, 2014

A number of  Rochester-area residents braved the cold and blustery winter weather on Thursday.

The United States Postal Service asked residents to clear sidewalk, driveways and around mailboxes. Paul Minturn is a postal worker. He says one of the big things they worry about during weather like this is slipping on resident steps.

"If there is way, way too much snow then we won't be able to get up your steps safely and deliver the mail. And it might be delayed."

Minturn says he grew up in the northeast so dealing with winter is something that he's done practically his whole life, and this certainly isn't the worst day.

Tapan Sah, the owner of Mozzeroni’s Pizza and Pasta on the corner of Park Avenue and Oxford Street, says winter storm that hit just before the Thanksgiving was worse.

Tapan Sah, owner of Mozzeroni's Pizza
Credit WXXI News

"We had a foot of snow, and that was wet snow. This isn't bad because it's light. So just push it and it's gone. The other stuff you had to pick it up."

Sah says he shovels the sidewalk in front of his business several times throughout the day.

“For customers, my delivery guys and some people waiting for the bus.”

Like Kris Wagner.

"[I] wish I didn't have to go to work today. I would have stayed home. Travel is awful out here. It’s really awful trying to wait for the bus."

Wagner  says sometimes she’ll wait inside the Mozzeroni’s Pizza shop to keep warm on days like this. If not, it’s "four layers of clothes,” she says. “You just got to bundle up and make sure you're warm and make sure you don't get frost bite, which is the main concern."

Forecasters are calling for more of that light fluffy snow tonight -- another three to five inches.

They also say temperatures will continue to drop to the single digits and stay there on Friday.